An Early N-Gauge layout revisited

As I mentioned, I have tried some other smaller gauge layouts around 1990, but for various reasons, gave up on them and moved to the larger garden model railroads. Here’s a picture of one of my early N-scale efforts and how far I got (not very).


One day Larry Shearer came by the Fort Bragg layout and we got to chatting (about trains, obviously) and he said he wanted to do something but had only limited space. I showed him the N-scale layout (it’s actually a molded plastic layout done by Terrain for Trains). Larry liked it and eventually we agreed that he could take that layout and a lot of other N-scale switches, buildings, and even one (broken) engine. Larry took the kits, build a few (like the trestle in the picture below), redid the track, and fixed up the layout. Here’s a picture that Larry sent of his efforts. It’s quite nice to see what can be done in N-scale by someone who has the patience (and eyes!!) to deal with smaller scales!


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