Layout Stories

We created some stories to add some character and humor to the layout. Most of the stories were made up, but were related to
actual events.

Forney Coming out of tunnel past Hobo Camp
Forney Coming out of tunnel past Hobo Camp

Hobos Waiting to get on a Train

This Scene on the BC&WRR shows a group of Hobos and their camp close to the railroad. Some maybe waiting to hop the train.

Trouble on the BC&WRR

The BC&WRR had some problems recently on it’s logging branch line up the Carrie canyon in Western Montana. Old Joe Van Dreez”s cabin was right in the way of the new trestle that the BC&W RR was building to turn log trains around. Old Joe refused to move, so the trestle had to be built around his tar paper and wood structure. Now, every train that goes by has to watch for flying buckshot. Fortunately, they’re warned by Joe as he shouts “Dang Railroaders!”.. or something like that in a voice louder than his ancient buffalo rifle. Since his favorite target is visiting Union Pacific trains, the local press refers to Old Joe as the “Uniblaster”.

Train Wreck

In 1901, a sudden flood hit. It wasn’t long before it was done. But there was more trouble to come, nobody knew what happened and nobody knew that a bridge was knocked down during an unforeseen flood. The next night (Friday the 13th) people loaded goods from the small farms on the train to go to Walkerville. They went into the forest and disappeared into the darkness of the night. After a while, it was time to go over the bridge across the ditch. It was very dark and the engineer could only see the track leading to the bridge until they got closer. He pulled on the brake to stop-but too late. The engine crashed into the Ditch.One week later, a group of people came looking for the missing train. It took two years to make a new bridge. As for engine, it’s still there, even now in 1911.

 Giant SgidesGaint Sgides (Really Giant Squids)

The next story was created and written by Lina (she was about 8 at that time) her mother wanted to correct all the misspellings, but we left them to show it as she told it. The story was pretty interesting.